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How to Help

  • Spread the word! Share this site with other hams, clubs, net managers, equipment suppliers, etc.
  • Review an organization! We have added a simple form that anyone can use to review an organization for inclusion in our results.
  • Make the Pledge
  • Volunteer!

Items or Services we Need

If you are willing to donate your time or services, check back often, as we’ll add the things we need as we discover them.

  • We need an awesome logo! If you’re willing to create one that would be licensed as CC BY-SA 4.0, let us know! We may be able to pay a small fee for this service, depending on the artist and their rates.

  • Bi-lingual reviewers - we would love to be able to evaluate non-english speaking organizations by having individuals review the content in the native language. We would hate to mis-categorize an organization by basing their review of of incomplete or incorrectly translated materials.