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Scored Parties

Below are the results of the evaluations of organizations.

Feel free to add a review for any ham radio organization using our Review an Organization form.

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Organizations are scored based on the set of criteria available here. If the organization has made the pledge, their pledge level will be included along with their score.

Gold Organizations

Organizations that have scored a minimum of 100 points on our audit.

OrganizationInclusivity StatementPledge LevelScore
Pride RadioValues 119
HandihamAbout Us 116
N3VEM RepeaterMissionGold109

Silver Organizations

Organizations that have scored from 30 - 99 points on our audit.

OrganizationInclusivity StatementPledge LevelScore
Radio Club of AmericaNA 68
KenwoodDiversity & Inclusion 64
mastodon.hams.socialAbout 57
mastodon.radioAbout 57
qth.socialAbout 57

Bronze Organizations

Organizations that have scored from 1 - 29 points on our audit.

Failed Organizational Audits

Organizations that scored a 0 on our audit, or that engaged in reasonably validated discriminatory practices.

OrganizationInclusivity StatementPledge LevelScore
AlincoNA 0
Amateur Funk Vereins LiechtensteinNA 0
Amateur Radio Council of ArizonaNA 0
Anaheim Amateur Radio AssociationNA 0
Arizona Red Cross Communications ClubNA 0
Arizona Repeater Association2NA 1
Aruba ARCNA 0
Beaches Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
BrandmeisterNA 0
Brazos Valley Amateur Radio ClubNA 0
Broadcast Employees Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Carolina DX AssociationNA 0
Cayman Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
CRES Amateur Radio ClubNA 0
Cyprus Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Czech Radio ClubNA 0
Emirates Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Estonian Radio Amateurs UnionNA 0
Flagler Palm Coast Amateur Radio ClubNA 0
Flex RadioNA 0
FreestarNA 0
Gibraltar Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Hall of Science Amateur Radio ClubNA 0
Holmesburg Amateur Radio ClubNA 0
Houston Echo SocietyNA 0
Hungarian Radio Amateur SocietyNA 0
IcomNA 0
Indianapolis Radio ClubNA 0
Jamaica Amateur Radio AssociationNA 0
Jacksonville Range AssociationNA 0
Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ SocietyNA 0
Malta Amateur Radio LeagueNA 0
Marion County ARESNA 0
Mauritius Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Mecklenburg Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Namibian Amateur Radio LeagueNA 0
New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters Inc.NA 0
North Florida Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Oak Forest Amateur Radio ClubNA 0
Pakistan Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Philippine Amateur Radio AssociationNA 0
Radio Society of BermudaNA 0
Radio Society of KenyaNA 0
Radio Society of Sri LankaNA 0
RCA Amateur Radio ClubNA 0
Royal Belgian Amateur Radio UnionNA 0
Saudi Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Seychelles Amateur Radio AssociationNA 0
Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting SocietyNA 0
Southeast Texas Amateur ClubNA 0
Southern California DX ClubNA 0
Suburban Amateur Repeater Association3NA 0
Syrian Scientific Technical Amateur Radio SocietyNA 0
Tajik Amateur Radio LeagueNA 0
The Hoosier DX and Contest ClubNA 0
The Sam Houston Amateur Radio KlubNA 0
TGIF dmrNA 0
The YL SystemNA 0
University of Pennsylvania Amateur Radio ClubNA 0
Verona Radio Club CuraçaoNA 0
Westside Amateur Radio ClubNA 0
Wireless Institute of AustraliaNA 0
YeasuNA 0


We only include individuals who have made the pledge, asked to be included, and received a passing score. Individual scores are not made public.


  1. There is some publicly available commentary that gives the appearance that AMPR may have engaged in discriminatory practices in awarding grants. ARIP is not a legal entity and cannot provide judgement on these issues, other than to provide links to the publicly available commentary upon request. 

  2. The Arizona Repeater Association does have a loose statement that could be considered as qualifying - it is implied in their Conduct and Policies document “Do not make them negative commentaries on institutions, groups, or people”. However, when we contacted them to thank them for having a statement like this, a member of the board replied with “Go away!! Amateur radio does not need your woke program. It has never excluded anyone and seeks out all interested people. This is a solution looking for a problem.” For all of the obvious fallacies in this statement, using a known racist dog-whistle (using woke as a derogatory term vs. it’s original meaning) is the most disqualifying, and is viewed as an act of discrimination in and of itself, hence their listing in our ‘failed organizations’ section. 

  3. We received 2 communications from officers of the Suburban Amateur Repeater Association. The first indicated that they are an inclusive organization but they don’t want to be a “social advocacy group” and to “please give us a zero and remove us from your mailing list.” The second message from the second officer seemed to walk back on this a little bit, and stated that “SARA would like to state that our organization’s working reference document of amateur radio conduct and inclusivity is found in The Radio Amateur’s Code, written by Paul M.Segal, W9EEA, in 1928 (” This document, while problematic in its own right, would be better than nothing, however it does not appear that this is actually linked to, referenced from, or included in any publicly available information from the Suburban Amateur Repeater Association.