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Scored Parties

We evaluated our first selection of organizations throughout the month of December 2022. We sent our results to the reviewed organizations during the last week of the December via the contact information available on their public websites, and we then gave a 2 week waiting period for those organizations to respond if they wished. Below are the results of this first round of evaluations.

Feel free to recommend any organization for review and scoring in the future by sending an email to

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Organizations are scored based on the set of criteria available here. If the organization has made the pledge, their pledge level will be included along with their score.

Gold Organizations

Organizations that have scored a minimum of 100 points on our audit.

OrganizationInclusivity StatementPledge LevelScore
Pride RadioValues 119
HandihamAbout Us 116
N3VEM RepeaterMissionGold109

Silver Organizations

Organizations that have scored from 30 - 99 points on our audit.

OrganizationInclusivity StatementPledge LevelScore
Radio Club of AmericaNA 68
KenwoodDiversity & Inclusion 64
mastodon.hams.socialAbout 57
mastodon.radioAbout 57
qth.socialAbout 57

Bronze Organizations

Organizations that have scored from 1 - 29 points on our audit.

Failed Organizational Audits

Organizations that scored a 0 on our audit, or that engaged in discriminatory practices as verified by legal decision or settlement. Why put scores of 0 alongside organizations that actively discriminate? Simple - Those that are silent are guilty of complicity.


We only include individuals who have made the pledge, asked to be included, and received a passing score. Individual scores are not made public.


  1. There is some publicly available commentary that gives the appearance that AMPR may have engaged in discriminatory practices in awarding grants. ARIP is not a legal entity and cannot provide judgement on these issues, other than to provide links to the publicly available commentary upon request.